Mr. Belt & Wezol, Plastik Funk feat. Tim Morrison – Groove Tonight · Berger´s Schlagerparadies

Who’s ready to ‘Groove Tonight’? We surely are with Mr. Belt & Wezol and Plastik Funk their infectious FHM release! Dutch dynamic duo Mr. Belt & Wezol, known for flipping some classic samples are back on the label, utilizing the lyrics from Earth, Wind & Fire’s hit: ‘Let’s Groove’! Expect a barrage of funky sounds, as often demonstrated on their ‘Mr. Belt & Wezol Room’ episodes, showcasing fresh tunes in a humorous way! Plastik Funk is throwing his sound into the mix as well! After his FHM release ‘Magnets’ getting 125 DJ supports, and winning the FHM Awards 2021 category ‘best main artist’ you just know this tune will be set up for success. He’s worked with vocalist Tim Morrison before, who’s providing some excellent vocals on this track, which is sure to be memorable from the first time you turn this one up!

Quelle: Future House Music

Dieser Song ist ab dem 10.03.2023 in allen bekannten Onlineshops erhältlich!

Airdate (für Radiosender): 10.03.2023

Author: B. Berger

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