Gerry Read x Boney M. – Ma Baker · Berger´s Schlagerparadies

“Together with Majestic, the rework Rasputin quickly became a worldwide summer hit in 2021: 450 million streams as well as 11 platinum and 7 gold awards.
Now Gerry Read delivers a new version of the current TikTok hit “Ma Baker”. Gerry’s remake is sped up to 134 bpm, focuses on the earwormy string Melody and is underlaid by groovy disco house beats. The prominent vocals of Boney M. supplement the production perfectly and make it the perfect mix of old and new! Sure Shot!”




Quelle: SMD/ NITRON music

Dieser Song ist ab dem 12.08.2022 in allen bekannten Onlineshops erhältlich!

Airdate (für Radiosender): 12.08.2022

Author: B. Berger